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Walo Walo Series

This series is a project of recovery of  footage from the Walo Walo film. In 2008 me and a friend have filmed 50+ hours in and around the village of Keur Momar Sarr with the objective of producing a documentary film about the hardships of access to safe water resources. In many ways we were successful in our research as we tried to portray what we found. We managed to gather relevant testemonies about people’s experience and stress the ambiguities of inhabiting a place nearby a lake, whose water is not proper for consumption. We were unsuccessful in creating “a film”, although we did finish a documentary (which is available here), or as I’d rather call it “a research documentary”. I call it that way to distance it from the filmic experience, which entails a different mindset, and to render it closer to the academic universe, which is actually the predominant language used throughout.

By reducing 50+ hours of footage to 69 minutes with a clear line of argument there were plenty of images left behind. This series is an effort to rethink that footage and highlighting new things that benefit from all the experience acquired in the meantime.

LAC DE GUIERS - Daily Life

This video is a re-edition of footage from 2008, and is part of Walo Walo documentary film. In this sequence these women and children remind us of the importance of Lac de Guiers in northern Senegal. As a strategic national resource, from where the majority of urban Dakar gets its water, this lake is often perceived in a framework that tends to overlook local uses and problems. Locally, people draw livelihoods from it, and it is part of daily life as we can see, but it is not without contradictions. Its waters are often infested with parasitic infections (Schistosomiasis) and are dangerous if consumed untreated. Women and children are particularly exposed, because they are the ones who most often tend to chores depending on the lakes' water.

The original footage is from 2008. The current edition is from 2020.
Production - Ricardo Falcão and Ricardo Oliveira Silva Edition - Ricardo Falcão
Camera and Direct Sound - Ricardo Oliveira Silva
Music - Filipe Palha, 2020

All Rights Reserved to Ricardo Falcão and Ricardo Oliveira Silva
All Musical Rights Reserved to Filipe Palha