Anthropologist, PhD in African Studies, Filmmaker


Current Highlights
» film YOON
in post production, 2020
co-directed with Pedro Figueiredo Neto
produced by C.R.I.M. Filmes

Yon is a feature film about a Senegalese routier and his frequent trips between Lisbon and Dakar, in old cars like the Peugeot 504.

photography   YOON - R2

some photos from the second shooting of YOON, 2019

» footage  LAC DE GUIERS - Daily Life

This video is a re-edition of footage from 2008, and is part of Waalo Waalo documentary film. In this sequence these women and children remind us of the importance of Lac de Guiers in northern Senegal. As a strategic national resource, from where the majority of urban Dakar gets its water, this lake is often perceived in a framework that tends to overlook local uses and problems. Locally, people draw livelihoods from it, and it is part of daily life as we can see, but it is not without contradictions. Its waters are often infested with parasitic infections (Schistosomiasis) and are dangerous if consumed untreated. Women and children are particularly exposed, because they are the ones who most often tend to chores depending on the lakes' water.

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» arts Of Steel and (un)Stillnessis a collective project part of the Variations on Mobility Creative Commissions of the MOHU - Centre for Advanced Studies in Mobility & Humanities, Università di Padova and the Royal Holloway Centre for the GeoHumanities.  Sound artist Paulo Morais and anthropologist and filmmaker Pedro F. Neto are also part of the project.

Of steel and (un)stillness explores routiers’ social, cultural and material worlds through ethnographic and artistic practices. Routiers are men of African origin that recurrently drive old vehicles from Southern Europe to West Africa carrying with them spare parts, clothing, money remittances, bicycles, appliances, cosmetics, rice, personal luggage, etc. that are delivered, traded and/or bartered along the way. The uses and meanings of carried items lay beyond the mere functional and utilitarian approaches, or monetary value. All the exchanges and (dis)encounters generated by them are culturally located and play an essential role in the production of social relations and of social recognition while in mobility.


posted in the Geohumanities Forum, 05.2020

Our commission “Of Steel and (un)Stillness” is essentially built with and through sounds and images. While a considerable part of the materials to be used were gathered during the shooting of a documentary film, our work also comprises the creation of a kinetic and sound-installation through the assemblage of spare car parts, collected in Lisbon’s outskirts. The need to present 2D printable elements as requested by the Creative Commissions team has challenged us in the way we think of and represent our work.

4. Humming and Hissing. Stopping.
Crossing the border of Morocco to Mauritania through Guerguerat Strip. The straight horizontal line of this spectrogram (first 50 seconds) is a humming mixed with a warning siren that is repeated in short cycles (thus creating the continuous line). The giant 10 meter tall scanner searches cars potentially involved in smuggling activities. The roadster’s car in which we travel has just left this apparatus and dogs have sniffed the car. We are waiting for green light to move forward. Another routier, whose overloaded car had entered the scanner, flees and leaves his vehicle behind. The car in which we travel stops before crossing Guerguerat’s Strip (a no man’s land claimed by Saharawi resistance) while “our” roadster works out the next step. Birds sing throughout. The humming low noise is finally interrupted (at the end of the recording) by a sound resembling a hissing sigh of relief. It is a truck’s air brake being released.
(Audio Recorded in December 2019
at the Moroccan border, leaving to
Guerguerat strip)
21°21’43.9″N 16°57’41.1″W

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