Anthropologist, PhD in African Studies, Filmmaker


Current Highlights
» film

“Félix et l’enfant sorcière” (documentary)

in pre-production
directed by Ricardo Falcão
produced by Sopro Filmes

Arrived in Portugal as a political refugee in 2014, fleeing persecution in Ivory Coast, Félix managed to rebuild his life. Everything went well until  he received a letter with a very serious accusation with potential consequences for his life and freedom. 

YOON (documentary)
2021, 84’
co-directed with Pedro Figueiredo Neto
produced by C.R.I.M. Filmes

Yon is a feature film about a Senegalese routier and his frequent trips between Lisbon and Dakar, in old cars like the Peugeot 504.

photography   YOON - R2

some photos from the second shooting of YOON, 2019

» photography

Photo series documenting life around the Lac de Guiers, focusing on local populations.

» arts

Linhas de Fuga (video installation)

presented in Galeria Appleton
and Festival Cidade Preocupada

Uma instalação de vídeo que nos desloca para um espaço e tempo indefinidos. Experiência imersiva — visual e sonora — que ativa a expedição mental. Um díptico videográfico, projetado em paredes ortogonais, compõe-se de imagens-fragmento, em diálogo com um áudio igualmente segmentado e plural ... “Três percepções, um caminho” — Paulo Morais, Pedro Neto, Ricardo Falcão.
Texto de Sala por Kátia Sá

This video is a re-edition of footage from 2008, and is part of Waalo Waalo documentary film. In this sequence these women and children remind us of the importance of Lac de Guiers in northern Senegal. As a strategic national resource, from where the majority of urban Dakar gets its water, this lake is often perceived in a framework that tends to overlook local uses and problems. Locally, people draw livelihoods from it, and it is part of daily life as we can see, but it is not without contradictions. Its waters are often infested with parasitic infections (Schistosomiasis) and are dangerous if consumed untreated. Women and children are particularly exposed, because they are the ones who most often tend to chores depending on the lakes' water.

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